Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poem by Luke Deitrick: "Among Fields"

Today the's big day & we have two new poets to add to this here blog project, the first being Luke Deitrick, of Young Emerging Writers fame.  Here's what he as to say about his contribution:

"Living in the cornfield adjacent town of Geneseo has been quiet and delightful. However, when quiet turns to silent, Geneseo doesn't exactly have a prime selection of prospects to fill the void. What better time to ask "Why here?" "Among Fields" is a consideration of such questions. Of course, nothing says existential quandary like a scarecrow."

Indeed.  And now, his poem:

Among Fields

One day in a field
a cornfield with no corn,
a Child crafted a Scarecrow
straw, clothes, and hat adorned.

The Scarecrow had come to be.

The Child bade farewell:
“Stand proud, stand tall”
and fled to a home so far
as night began to fall.

And the Scarecrow was happy.

Late, late in the night
as the warm wind rose,
it took his hat, his only hat.
How coldly the wind blows!

But still, the Scarecrow was happy.

The next day, crows flew low, low, and lower.
Had the sky brought new friends?
The sight of him drove them high, high, and higher.
So quickly such things can end!

But still, the Scarecrow was happy.

Soon, the Scarecrow would wonder:
“Why am I here?”
After all, there was no corn to guard,
from all the way there to here.

But still, the Scarecrow was happy.

How could such a thing be true?
No hat, no friends, no answers
How could he be anything but blue?

Because the Child drew him a smile.

BIO:  Luke Deitrick is an aspiring hermit who finds no greater joy in life than a piece of toast. He was born in Springfield and moved to Geneseo at a young age. He has recently participated in the Young Emerging Writers program for the second time, and hopes to further publish work in the future.


  1. Oh the joys of toast.
    I'm glad we will always share that love :)

    Good job Luke!
    -you know.